Five Favorite Space Jam e-juice Flavors to Enjoy

Let us look at five favorite Space Jam e-juice flavors to enjoy. Why they are favored out of other choices. And why vape cigarette uses continue to use this brand. This e-juice continues to grow in popularity since 2012 when the company began making the products.

Annular_eclipseSpace Jam e-juice flavors can be used in many different vaporizing cigarettes. The e-juice produces excellent vapors both when inhaled and exhaled. Space Jam e-juice delivers flavor on both the inhale and the exhale. This is one of the reasons it continues to gain popularity.

First we will look at the Space jam Eclipse is-one of the very first flavors and most preferred choices. The Eclipse flavor combines the taste of a sweet Cavendish tobacco experience when it is inhaled. Then the exhale experience brings forth the hint of vanilla. Vapors who want something different from the fruity flavors love Eclipse.

Second of the next most popular flavors is Star ship 1- A yummy vanilla custard flavor and a hint of kiwi fruit and then the user experiences the exhale flavor of a rich cream brulee. This sweet surprising full flavor is perfectly blended for enjoyment at any time day or night.

Third on the list of the favorite Space Jam e-juice flavors is a totally surprising taste is Astro. Astro- takes the crisp tart taste of granny smith apples and then the sweet strawberry completes the flavor. Astro is a unique flavor surprisingly great when put together.

space-11099_640Fourth on our list is the amazingly popular Omega- Omega is so popular because it combines the taste of spiced peaches and a thick sweet cream flavor. Omega is raved about to have a blissful perfect combination that tastes like the real thing. Vape users love Omega and it sweet taste can be vaped all day long.

The number five Space Jam e-juice flavor is Galactica – Galactica is a celebration in flavor. This unique combination is like no other. Galactica takes the perfect blend of sweet, sweet strawberries when inhaled then the exhale delivers the bubbly taste of champagne. Two flavors that are perfect together can be vaped all day long and the user never tires of it.

These are just a few samples of the many Space Jam e-juice flavors that are the most popular. Some flavors can be combined in order to produce even better variety of experiences. There is a special blend that is perfect for everyone who wants to have his on space adventure.